KINGS GROUP has successfully obtained the development rights “ONE°15 Marina” for Japan and Dubai from SUTL Enterprise, a major company listed in Singapore.

KINGS GROUP, a company based in the Asia Pacific which operates a resort development and members rights sales business, has successfully obtained the development rights “ONE ° 15 Marina” for Japan and Dubai from SUTL Enterprise, a major company listed in Singapore.

The ONE ° 15 Marina is a membership club with a yacht marina that has played a central role in the development of Singapore's Sentosa Island. It is often said that marinas are the central factor of city development plans of recent years. Even if the project is located in the center of the city, the recent development trend is to dig a canal and set up a marina, which becomes the center of residences, hotels, and other commercial facilities.

Singapore's Sentosa island is globally recognized as a well renowned area of luxury, where 5-star hotels, luxury residences and residential areas filled with large mansions, are developed simultaneously along with golf courses with the ONE ° 15 Marina at its center.

Currently, 14 locations around the world including Brooklyn, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines and Hainan Island, are actively developing marinas, and the number of VIP members for the ONE ° 15 Marina will reached about 20 thousand in the near future.

Members of the ONE ° 15 Marina, which handles more than 160 mega yachts, can access all ONE ° 15 Marina's located around the world and even charter its yachts.

The development license that KINGS has acquired is for Dubai (the UAE) and Japan, both locations that the ONE ° 15 Marina has yet to be established. Both countries have major events coming up – the 2020 Tokyo Olympics for Japan and the Dubai expo for the UAE – and are major hotspots for those in the field of urban development. The development for both locations will begin with the “ONE ° 15 Marina” brand acting as its main content.

Since members can access all the facilities under the “ONE ° 15” brand around the world, in the near future 20 thousand VIP members can access the marina facilities in Tokyo and Dubai, where it can be expected to attract even more membership buyers. In Japan, “Tokyo” and “Okinawa” are listed as possible development sites.

In Tokyo and in Dubai, KINGS will plan to issue 3000 ~ 4000 new memberships and sell them all across Asia, mainly to the Chinese super VIP.

Moreover, it is currently under consideration that a part of these memberships will be sold via cryptocurrency with payments being made through KINGS GROUP's very own cryptocurrency: the “KING” token. This token is listed on exchanges in New Zealand and Hong Kong, and KINGS GROUP's membership sales business will officially launch on January 2019, to further increase of market value of the KING coin as well.
To better secure the Chinese upper class as targets, which consist of a crucial market for the project, KINGS GROUP has already established a membership sales company “KINGS ASIA Ltd” in a joint venture with a major Chinese entertainment agency in Hong Kong.

The company has set up a membership sales business model that actively uses celebrities and TV talents, and is aiming for the sales of limited membership rights.

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